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Altus Metal & Marble Maintenance:

I wanted you to know how important I felt Flitz polish was to my company during the restoration of The World Trade Center.

The stainless steel was damaged excessively due to a combination of sticky soot and some heat damage. Flitz was able to remove staining and help bring back the high polish shine to sheets and sheets of stainless steel. Other products attempted, but could not produce the same results nor would the Port Authority approve some competitive products due to their flammability.
We have used Flitz in the past and will certainly continue to use it in the future. Again, thank you for your cooperation when large quantities of Flitz were needed overnight. Your prompt service helped Altus Metal & Marble Maintenance complete all the metal and marble
restoration at The World Trade Center in sixteen (16) days.


Linda Gottesman

Carson Productions, INC.
Tonight Show

..." I clean my cymbals about every four months. Ed Shaughnessy has several sets of drums and several sets of cymbals that he cleans on a regular basis because the drums are seen on T.V... may I say, your metal polish is the best I have ever found!"

Don Sweeney

Tonight Show Music Dept.

Guns & Ammo Magazine

..." I applied Flitz to the face of the cylinder and other areas of fouling building up. When I removed it with a soft cloth, I was surprised to note that much of the fouling had been removed. Two more applications completed the job... the overall performance of Flitz was
certainly impressive. I found it very easy to use, and it works well on plated, stainless and blued surfaces!"

Dave Arnold

Hello Alex,

I tried the gun wax and it seems to work very well. I plan to use it on my hunting guns and the handgun that I carry. I like the fact that it doesn't have an odor and won't stain clothing. The tumbler media additive produced some very shiny brass. I am happy with both products.

Stephen Ellis
NRA Certified Pistol & Shotgun Instructor
MN Department of Natural Resources
Firearms/Hunter Safety Instructor

Family Handy Man Magazine

..."Noting the instructions to use it sparingly, we applied a small dab to a paper towel and briskly rubbed a lawn chair's oxidized, cloudy aluminum. A one-minute rubbing, followed by a
buffing with a clean cloth, gave the ten year old chair a mirror-like sheen. After that, we bounced around the house on a binge of spring cleaning that included brass fireplace screens, copper cookware, and a bathroom fixture or two... I was particularly impressed with the job it did on my tarnished brass desk lamp... I recommend it highly!

Ray Lorenz

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Buck Knifes, Grady White Boats & hundreds of others.